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Holiday Season PSA: Clean Your Drains!

Monday, November 13th, 2023

Some estimates claim that during the Thanksgiving football game, 80 to 90 million toilet flushes occur in America within just the 20 or so minutes of halftime! Whether or not this is true, there is no doubt that holidays put a huge strain on plumbing systems.

Between guests flushing toilets, washing hands, and taking showers, and the major strain of all those holiday dishes being washed, the chances of a major drain blockage are extremely high during the holidays. How can you make sure you don’t need to call an emergency plumber on a holiday weekend? By having your drains cleaned first.

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3 Ways to Detect a Sewer Clog

Monday, October 2nd, 2023

Your sewer line is a pipe that runs from your home to your municipal sewer line or your septic tank. It carries all the wastewater from your drains away from your house. This job is pretty important! As long as it’s working well, you never have to think about your sewer line or the unpleasant mess it deals with for you.

What if there’s a clog in your sewer line? It can lead to smelly, unsanitary, downright disgusting issues. Here are 3 ways to catch it before it gets that bad.

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How to Tell if Your Sewer Needs Cleaning

Monday, September 4th, 2023

Homeownership is hard! While it’s lovely to avoid negotiating with a landlord or worrying about whether you can put a hole in your wall to hang a picture, it also means that everything about your home is up to you. The roof leaks? Your problem. An appliance breaks down? Your problem. And some of the parts of your home can be pretty much invisible until something goes wrong. Your sewer line is out of sight and, as long as all goes well, out of mind. But sometimes it needs help. How can you tell that it’s time for sewer cleaning?

Like any home system, the key is knowing what signs to keep watch for. Once you know what would indicate a sewer line problem, you’ll be able to catch it right away, before anything terrible happens.

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Drain Cleaning Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Monday, August 7th, 2023

There’s not much in homeownership that’s quite as frustrating as having a clogged drain late in the evening after the hardware stores close, especially if you have a kitchen sink full of dirty water and a pile of dishes that still need to be done. What can you do about the clog with only the things you already own? Well, if you’re prepared, there’s plenty you can do. Purchase these two simple things to have on hand for cleaning out your next drain clog, and you’ll be ready to tackle the problem yourself. 

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“How To Clean My Drains Myself”

Monday, October 3rd, 2022

water-flowing-down-kitchen-sink-drainYou’re probably not going to like what you’re about to hear–but bear with us!

One of the most commonly searched-for phrases online in regards to plumbing is how to “DIY” plumbing repairs, including drain cleaning. You’re going to find results. In fact, there are probably going to be thousands of results that come up!

But… any of those results that recommend you buy a bottle of chemical drain solution or try baking soda and vinegar for a clogged drain should be ignored.

The latter can be effective for a smelly drain, and we’ll talk about that in a bit… but for truly effective drain cleaning that won’t end up doing more harm than good, we actually recommend nixing that bottle of liquid drain cleaning “solution” you got at the store, and instead giving our number a call. Read on to learn why!

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Why Store-Bought Drain Cleaning Solutions Are No Solution

Monday, September 7th, 2020

water-running-down-a-drainWe imagine if you’re like most homeowners, then when you have a clogged drain, your instinct is probably to reach for that bottle of store-bought liquid drain cleaner you keep on hand for emergencies like this. Unfortunately, this is actually the worst thing you can do to remedy the situation, as it is extremely unhealthy for your plumbing system. Sure it will temporarily solve your problem in the short term, but it will only magnify the plumbing problems you’ll have later on.

Take a look below as we dive into why you shouldn’t use these drain cleaning “solutions” and why you should call the pros for the real drain cleaning solutions.

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Why You Should Choose a Pro over DIY for Your Drain Cleaning

Monday, June 1st, 2020

plumber-using-drain-snakeWhen you have a clogged drain, it’s very easy to look for a quick fix and hope for the best. Sometimes, that quick fix works in the moment—but the question is, will the solution last?

There are times when a little DIY work around the home can quickly resolve an issue. But then there are other times when it’s better to leave the job to a pro. Drain clogs really can fall into either category. DIY attempts like using a plunger to release a superficial clog are okay, but if your choice is to use chemical, store-bought drain cleaning, we’d have to advise you to forgo the DIY method. Read on to learn why!

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How to Protect Your Major Home Systems Over the Holidays

Monday, December 19th, 2016

The holidays will come and go before you know it. You want to take these moments to enjoy time with loved ones—not to call a repair technician in to fix your furnace or unclog your drains. We want to help you prevent those little emergencies that leave you rushing to find a technician or plumber to help during holiday hours, because we know your loved ones come first.

Keep these systems maintained for a smooth, relaxing holiday season—as relaxing as it can be with the frenzy of gift-giving and preparing family meals. Keep the following advice in mind when considering maintenance for your major home systems.

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