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Thermostats in Union, NJ

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Get the right thermostat for your home from the experts at Max Sr & Paul Schoenwalder Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, A Corp. We install Honeywell programmable, non-programmable and Wi-Fi thermostats. A trustworthy programmable thermostat allows you the freedom to no longer worry about changing the temperature when you’re not home. Wi-Fi thermostats let you control your home’s system from anywhere with your smartphone. Get the best thermostat with our help.

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A quality thermostat can help you to make better choices about your energy usage. Need a new thermostat? Worried about your old thermostat’s performance? Want to hear more about your options? Contact our friendly team. We are happy to help with all of your heating/cooling needs.

Established in 1912, Max Sr & Paul Schoenwalder Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, A Corp. is your trusted resource for your next thermostat. Reach out to us today.


Our Thermostat Installations

We install easy–to–use, state–of–the–art thermostats from Honeywell, a brand we trust. We will find a model that works perfectly for your lifestyle.

  • Programmable Digital Wall Thermostats – Honeywell’s digital thermostats have a variety of programming options perfect for any AC or heating system.
  • Programmable Wireless Thermostats – Some programmable thermostats are wireless, meaning they can be mounted anywhere in the home. Many offer remote control operation as well so that you can change the temperature without leaving the couch.
  • Smart Thermostats – A smart thermostat uses the Wi–Fi in your home to send information to an app that you can control from anywhere. Program your Wi–Fi thermostat from your smartphone or tablet while you are at work, or make changes while watching the kids’ soccer game.

Why Should You Replace Your Old Thermostat?

If you’ve got the same old thermostat on the wall that’s been there for years, you need an update. It may work perfectly fine right now, but chances are that it’s not helping you get better efficiency from your heater or from your air conditioner.

Older thermostats contribute to inefficiency and may contain mercury. These older thermostats make it harder to figure out the exact setting you have turned the dial or slider to. If you are a few degrees off, you can end up spending way more than you need to on your monthly bills. Digital thermostats are more accurate and make it a lot easier. We can dispose/recycle your old mercury thermostats properly.

You cannot program older manual thermostat ahead of time to maximize on overall energy savings. Even older programmable thermostats are lacking a lot of the options today’s models have—like differentiating between weekend and weekday programming. Upgrading your thermostat helps you to save money on energy.

Can You Install a Thermostat on Your Own?

We strongly recommend calling in professional technicians for your new thermostat installation or replacement. It might not seem like the most difficult job. However, having your thermostat in the wrong place can mean trouble for the system.

Sources of heat can interfere with your thermostat’s ability to accurately detect temperature. If it is too close to a window or to the kitchen, the thermostat won’t work properly. All digital thermostats require programming dependent on the type of system you have.

However, don’t run the risk of shouting out controls or improper programming of your system - call our professionals today!

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