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Holiday Season PSA: Clean Your Drains!


Some estimates claim that during the Thanksgiving football game, 80 to 90 million toilet flushes occur in America within just the 20 or so minutes of halftime! Whether or not this is true, there is no doubt that holidays put a huge strain on plumbing systems.

Between guests flushing toilets, washing hands, and taking showers, and the major strain of all those holiday dishes being washed, the chances of a major drain blockage are extremely high during the holidays. How can you make sure you don’t need to call an emergency plumber on a holiday weekend? By having your drains cleaned first.

Routine Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is not just for blockages and other emergencies. It’s a valuable part of routine home maintenance. If you have your drains cleaned once a year, chances are, you’ll never have to worry about clogs, on holidays or otherwise. An ideal time to have that maintenance done is right before any extra strain on the system.

Gradual Buildup

The fact of the matter is that a bit of fat from gravy going down the sink is not the true culprit when that drain gets clogged. It’s simply the straw that breaks the camel’s back. When that fat cools and solidifies in your plumbing, it’s probably joining an unpleasant conglomeration of other things that have washed down there over the course of months or years. 

Similarly, in the bathroom, one clump of hair might not cause a massive plumbing problem. But if it gets stuck in the layered buildup of soap scum and hair that’s never been properly cleaned out, it can turn a slightly-slow drain into a total blockage.

Drain Cleaning Options

While there are many products that label themselves “drain cleaner,” you should never put these chemicals down your drains. The liquids can burn your skin if they splash on you. The fumes can irritate your eyes and respiratory system just by being near you. And the inside of your pipes can be roughened by caustic chemicals, making it even easier for blockages to build up in the future.

There are two tools that you should have on hand for drain issues: a small, clean plunger for use in sinks, showers, and tubs, and a drain snake, which may be a simple plastic strip or a sturdier metal hand-cranked version. However, as we said, you might never need them if you have drain cleaning done regularly as part of your home’s routine maintenance.

Your plumber has two things you definitely don’t have which help immensely in getting your drains thoroughly cleaned out. The first is experience: knowing what to look for and how to approach the situation will streamline the process. The second is equipment: a variety of powerful electric plumbing tools and the training to use them means your plumber is a drain-cleaning powerhouse. 

If you’d like more information about drain cleaning services in Summit, NJ, and how they could be implemented in your home, we’d be delighted to discuss the details with you.

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