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Water Leak Detection in Union, NJ

Don’t let water leaks go on for any longer! If there are leaks in your plumbing system that you cannot pin down, call our expert team today. We have high-tech water leak detection equipment so that we can narrow down the location of the water leak and guide you towards the next steps of repair.

And we will provide excellent customer service when we are at your home. We make it easy on you, letting you know just what we are doing every step of the way and making sure that you understand our findings. We have the right tools for the job, and we always show up prepared. Our services are prompt, affordable, and professional. And most importantly, we customize our services to your needs.

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Don’t Let a Leak Damage Your Home

If you think there may be a leak in your home, do not wait to schedule service with our technicians. Water leak detection is an important service because you need to get the problem taken care of ASAP in order to prevent or reduce damage to your home. And the first step is identifying where the leak is.

A leaky water pipe can drip water into the walls, leading to a major unplanned remodeling project that costs you quite a bit. Remember, your water lines run behind the walls of your shower, underneath the floors, and on ceilings. Water damage threatens the integrity of your home. In addition, you are more at risk for mold or mildew with a water leak in your pipes.

Potential Signs of a Water Leak

Learn to recognize the signs of a water leak so that it cannot have such damaging consequences. Call us when you suspect a problem. Prompt leak detections and pipe repair (or pipe replacement) is crucial.

  • Low water pressure – Water pressure drops when there is a leak since water escapes the pipes before making it to your sink or shower.
  • High water bills – Check your water bills for any spikes in usage. Your water bills will fluctuate from month to month either way, but a sudden increase should alert you to trouble.
  • Dark spots or signs of moisture on walls, floors, or ceilings – Any sign of unexpected moisture in the home is cause for alarm. Call our plumbers right away!

Let Professionals Fix a Leak

It’s tempting for some homeowners to try to take on DIY projects rather than call in professionals for service. But attempting to fix a leak without the proper experience can result in even more damage to your plumbing. First of all, without the right equipment, it’s tough to find the precise leak location, which means you may end up tearing apart your property to find the affected pipe.

In addition, you need experience to feel confident you have repaired the leak properly. Our experts are more than qualified to help with your plumbing leaks if you’re in the Union, NJ or surrounding area. Call our qualified team at the first sign of trouble. Max Sr. & Paul Schoenwalder Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning has been providing excellent customer service since 1912.

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