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What to Do When You Have a Plumbing Emergency

worried-homeowner-mopping-up-water-from-floorWe’re sure you’d agree that no plumbing problem happens at a convenient time—so to you, any plumbing problem may seem like an emergency. So, you want to work with a plumber that offers emergency services!

Fortunately, you can call us when you do have an emergency—we’re here for your plumbing needs whenever you need them. Sure there are some instances in which your plumbing problem isn’t actually an emergency, but for times of crisis, we’re here.

But what do you do while you wait for your plumber to get to your home? Surely you shouldn’t just sit there and watch water cascade through your kitchen or seep through your carpet in the case of a slab leak. Read on for what you should do when you’re facing a plumbing emergency.

Shut Off Your Water

Every home has a main water shut-off valve that cuts off the water supply to your entire home. It’s wise to ensure that each member of your family knows where this is and how to use it. The second there’s any type of plumbing problem, shut off that water to keep the issue from getting worse.

In some cases, individual plumbing outlets will have their own shut-off valves that cut off water to that specific area rather than the whole house. If you’re positive that the problem is localized to one of these outlets, you can use this valve instead of the main valve. Fixtures you’re most likely to see this include your toilet, bathroom sinks, and kitchen sink.

Decide How Long the Problem Can Wait

In some cases, an emergency plumbing call will depend on the extent of the issues and whether or not you actually need to incur the costs of an after-hours emergency call. For instance, what if the problem is localized to a toilet with its own shut off valve? So long as it’s not creating an unhygienic situation, this can likely wait, if you have other bathrooms in the home.

We do want to mention here that if you ever decide to wait to have a plumbing repair done, you want to make sure you do everything you can to mitigate property damage. This means using towels to soak up water and using fans to dry out the room if there’s carpet.

Call for Your Peace of Mind

In many cases, an emergency call to our plumbers isn’t warranted by the specific circumstance, but it can help you feel better! Plumbing issues can be stressful, and if you’re trying to enjoy the weekend when one happens, you may not want to sit around and wait. In cases like this, an emergency call is typically worth the money for your peace of mind, if nothing else. Even if you ultimately decide it’s not an emergency, you’ll at least be able to talk to a plumber and get some advice on what to do.

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