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How Humidifiers Help During the Winter

couple-relaxing-on-sofaWinters here in New Jersey can get quite chilly, and also quite dry.

When you think of “humidity” you probably think of hot summers made even hotter by the excess moisture in the air. However, humidity is actually something we want more of when winter hits. Balancing the humidity levels in your home can help you in a number of ways.

You know the dry hair, skin, nails, and frequent colds you contend with each winter? This can be alleviated with one simple purchase. We’re talking about professionally installed humidifiers in Union, NJ. If you’re thinking about such a purchase or want to learn more, read on!

Why the Air Is Dry in Winter

Winter is still a ways off, but when it rolls around and the temperatures start to drop, the air doesn’t have the same capacity to hold moisture like warm air does. When there is cold air indoors and outdoors, it’s harder for your heater to effectively warm your living space.

The lack of water vapor in the air means there’s a lack of moisture in your body, too, which means it’s harder for you to become warm and stay warm throughout the winter. A whole-house humidifier installation is a great investment, as it allows you to feel warmer even with your thermostat turned down a bit. But, why does all of this matter?

The Problem with Dry Air

When we refer to “dry air” we’re talking about air with a relative humidity level below 30%. This low humidity level leads to:

  • Decreased Comfort: The water vapor that comes from increased humidity acts as an insulant, as we alluded to above. When your home lacks this essential element in the air, it’s much harder for you to feel the warmth.
  • Dry Skin, Hair, and Nails: When your home is too dry, you’re dry too. Depleted levels of humidity can create uncomfortable problems such as dry, brittle hair and nails, cracked lips, nosebleeds, itchy skin, and sore throats. This is particularly annoying for anyone in your household who has a common skin issue like eczema or dermatitis. There’s no reason for you to remain uncomfortable all winter long—a whole-house humidifier will resolve this.
  • Longer Colds/Worsened Respiratory Problems: Do you know why colds and cases of the flu always seem more prevalent in the winter months? Because there’s a lack of humidity in the air, your sinuses and airways get dried out. This effectively makes it easier for you to catch a cold, and harder for you to recover from it. When you’re dried out, any cold, flu, or allergy symptoms can become worse. A whole-house humidifier helps!
  • Better Sleep: Have you noticed—or rather, have members of your family noticed—you snore more in the winter? This isn’t a coincidence. The cold winter air and lowered humidity dry out your respiratory system, so you end up a lot more prone to snoring. The balanced humidity level will help you breathe a lot easier while you sleep.

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