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4 Signs That It’s Time to Call for Heater Repairs!

mans-hand-holding-cell-phoneThe last thing you possibly need in our area is a furnace or heater failure during the coldest time of the year, right? In fact, you need a powerful and efficient heating system to get you through our winters. And you can have that so long as you trust an experienced and skilled team for your heater installation and services, like maintenance and repairs.

Maintenance actually helps you avoid up to 85% of the repairs your furnace may ever need in its lifespan! Of course, even if you diligently keep up on your annual heating maintenance (or biannual, if you’re using a heat pump) there’s always a chance you will need repairs between tune-ups. Good news! We can help. First, we want to fill you in on what signs to watch out for that even indicate it’s time for heater repairs. Read on!

Sign #1: Strange Noises From the System

What constitutes a strange noise? Well really, anything outside of the normal sounds you hear coming from your furnace on a regular basis. We mean, you will hear the whoosh of the air coming through the vents, always. You may hear a slight rattling coming from your ductwork, too, as the temperatures fluctuate when air goes through them.

But if you start hearing things like screeching, banging, intense rattling, clicking, or hissing, then it’s time to give us a call. Those last two noises, in particular, can be harmful to your health, as they both potentially indicate a cracked heat exchanger leaking dangerous carbon monoxide into your living space.

Sign #2: Uneven Heating

This is a problem that homeowners sometimes ignore, a bit too easily. If the rooms that seem colder than usual are rooms that don’t get used a lot, then you may not even care that uneven heating is happening. But when this happens, it means you likely have ductwork damage allowing heated air to escape into unused portions of your home.

This is very wasteful, leaving you paying for energy that you don’t even get to use.

Sign #3: Your Heater Is Short-Cycling

What is short cycling? It’s a process where your heater turns on and off rapidly. You see, most heating systems are designed to run on a cycle of about 15 minutes to reach the set temperature on your thermostat before cycling off for a stretch of time.

You should not be hearing your heater kick on and off more than four times an hour. This short-cycling is both the symptom of a problem and the cause of further problems for your heater, so it’s an issue you want to have addressed right away.

Sign #4: High Utility Bills

So this one might be a bit subjective—doesn’t everyone think their heating bills are too high? This may be the case, but we want you to look at something very specific. We want you to take a look at your energy bills in comparison to what you paid this same time last year, or what you’re paying in comparison to your neighbors. If your bills are a lot higher, then it’s a sign that something is working inefficiently, and your heater could very well be to blame.

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