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Here’s Why It’s So Important to Change Your Filter Every Month

technician-change-filterWe know you’ve heard this before. You should change the filter in your air conditioner about once a month, or at least, every three months. Often, a reminder to change a home’s air filter is met with a groan. Many people see it as a chore that’s somewhat optional, or that can be put off for a long period of time if needed.

That’s because so many people don’t realize how an air filter actually works or the damage a dirty filter can do. It’s not just about your air quality. Dirty filters can actually waste energy and lead to the early demise of your air conditioner! Learn more in today’s guide, and stock up on filters. Changing your filter is a simple task that is worth it in the long run.

The filter serves as your air conditioner’s bodyguard

An air filter actually protects your air conditioner from damage. If particulate in the air was able to freely move throughout your air conditioner, it could pummel the system, damaging the blower motor and additional components. Since larger particulate is trapped in the filter, it cannot do such damage to the blower unit.

Many people see an air filter primarily as a way to keep their air clean, eliminating many allergens like pollen and pet dander from the air they breathe every day. While this is true, in part, it’s not the air filter’s primary purpose. The air filter was designed to protect your equipment, first and foremost, which is why you may need a more powerful filter if clean air is your goal. Ask a local technician whether an air purifier should be added to your HVAC system.

A clogged filter does its job too well

A clogged air filter will still block particulate from circulating throughout the HVAC system. But that’s because it blocks air from circulating as well! That means, first of all, that you’ll feel a lot less comfortable.

Air may not be able to make it through a blocked filter the way it’s supposed to, and this will cause a lot of problems for your air conditioner. Since the system was designed for a certain amount of airflow and sized for your home’s particular needs, you can expect some problems to result from an air conditioner that is not getting the correct airflow.

A blocked filter causes financial stress and discomfort

Some amount of dirt will accumulate in your air filter with time, even if you rarely use the air conditioner. The blower fan will still attempt to suck in air through the clogged filter in order to reach the temperature setting on the thermostat. Of course, it will come up short. The air conditioner must keep running much longer than it normally would, which means…

  • The parts may wear out faster.
  • You pay higher energy costs.
  • You don’t get the amount of air you need to feel cool.

The air conditioning coil may even freeze—and that’s not a good thing. Change your filter every 1-3 months, and prevent damage to the air conditioner!

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