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All About Ductless Heating and AC Systems

ductless-heating-ACToday, it’s almost unthinkable to build a new home without including a ventilation system. But in the past, adding ductwork to a home for heating and cooling was not common practice. Central air conditioners and furnaces were not so common several decades ago, and many homes are missing this important component of home comfort because of it.

Many homeowners have found ways to stay comfortable regardless of a lack of ducts. Still, nothing compares to the benefits of today’s central heating and air conditioning systems, things like”

  • Power
  • Convenience
  • Efficiency

And you’ll get these same benefits if you invest in a ductless heating and AC system. Find out more about how these work and why it’s the right choice for so many ductless homes, and give us a call for ductless services in Chatham, NJ.

How Ductless System Works

The secret to how a ductless system is able to work so much more efficiently than other types of air and heating systems (like wall units or window ACs) is in their design—which is so much like the design of a standard central heat pump. In fact, it has all of the same components as a heat pump, a heating and cooling system in one, but there are multiple indoor units rather than just one central blower unit.

As you can see in the image above, small ductless blower units mount high up on a wall with most ductless installations. That’s how the design is able to move heat and air throughout a home without ducts, by including several indoor components.

All of the blower units connect to an outdoor unit that looks a lot like what you’d see on a standard AC or heat pump. From there, it works like a regular heat pump. Refrigerant absorbs heat from the indoor air and releases it outside when it’s in cooling mode. In heating mode, the ductless system can reverse directions, moving refrigerant the opposite way to absorb heat from the air outside and move it indoors.

Why Ductless Is a Wise Choice

Ductless AC and heating systems are known for the appearance of their indoor units. But did you know just how wise an investment a ductless system can be? Regardless of what you think about their looks, ductless systems are certainly beneficial in the long run.

  • Save money over time. We know that ductless systems often cost more than people are expecting. But that’s because they are nothing like small portable AC units and other temporary home comfort solutions. Manufactured to be as efficient as the best AC and heating equipment on the market, you can expect to save a lot of money over the years.
  • Adjust the temperature as you’d like in each room. One limit of central AC and heating is the inability to make adjustments to different rooms of the home so that one area is cooler or warmer than the others. With zone controlled blower units in different rooms, you have complete power to control the temperature of each zone of the house.
  • No renovations. If you’ve been feeling like a major renovation is your only choice for whole-house comfort, save yourself the time and hassle.

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