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3 Signs of an AC in Disrepair

two-techs-with-tool-bag-by-outdoor-ac-unitDid you know that this is the time of year you’re most likely to experience an AC repair issue? Now, no air conditioner will last forever, but yours should be able to make it through this summer–especially if it’s under 10 years of age and it’s been routinely maintained.

What’s that? You haven’t scheduled maintenance yet?

That’s okay! It’s more important that you’re consistent with scheduling tune-ups each year than it is what time of the year you have it done. But regardless of whether you had maintenance done yet or not, it’s important to know the signs of an air conditioner in disrepair. Otherwise, cooling system problems can go unaddressed until they lead to much bigger emergencies, like a total breakdown.

3 Signs to Watch Out For

Of course, if you hear any alarming noises coming from your air conditioner or if it’s simply not doing its job, then you know to give us a call right away. But allow us to go into a bit more detail by sharing 3 apparent signs that your air conditioner is in disrepair:

1. Loss of Efficiency

Have you noticed that your energy bills are higher this year than they were the same time last year, despite comparable AC use? Or perhaps you’re paying far more than your neighbors are paying.

This is a sign that something is causing your air conditioner to work inefficiently. Your air conditioner is tasked with keeping you cool and comfortable, at a reasonable price. If you notice your bills skyrocketing, give us a call–something is amiss!

2. Unfamiliar Noises

Some noises, like banging or clanging, are alarming and make it quite apparent that there’s a loose component or something that needs addressing inside your air conditioner. Other sounds are a little more subtle, though. For instance, what do you do if you hear hissing?

This is likely a sign of a refrigerant gas leak–the location of the leak must be found, patched up, and refrigerant refilled (recharged). Other noises you should never ignore include screeching, grinding, and excessive rattling or clicking coming from your ductwork the whole time the cooling system runs.

3. Your System Is Old! 

No, this isn’t automatically a sign that your air conditioner is ready to be replaced. It is a sign though that you need to watch the system more closely. The average air conditioner, when well maintained, is designed to last 10-15 years. Beyond that, it will start to succumb to natural wear and tear and will struggle to perform as efficiently as it used to.

Routine maintenance will help you retain as much efficiency as possible, and will help you avoid up to 85% of the repairs your system may ever need in its lifetime. But as we stated above, no air conditioner lasts forever. If you have an aging system, the best thing you can do for it is making sure you keep up on maintenance and listen to the advice of experienced HVAC pros on when it may be best to replace.

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