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4 Benefits of a Springtime AC Tune-Up

Monday, April 24th, 2017

AC-Condenser-UnitIn spring, it’s easy to take in the warmer weather, spend more time outdoors, and forget about the indoor temperature. But sooner than you know it, you’re going to need the air conditioner to run full time. Before that happens, take some time to consider that your air conditioner is a crucial part of your home comfort in the coming months, and you don’t want it to fail when you need it most.

An air conditioning tune-up, a service offered by most HVAC contractors (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning specialists) is a service that can get your air conditioner ready for the work ahead. We recommend this service for any homeowner with a central air conditioner, and our experts are here to tell you why.

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4 Facts Any Homeowner Should Know about Sump Pumps

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

flooded-living-roomIf you have a sump pump in your basement it’s because, without it, you risk hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages. Your home may be prone to flooding, or you may live in an area with a high water table. In either case, spring is the time when we see the greatest need for a sump pump to counteract the flow of water from the soil.

If you own a sump pump in Union, NJ, or if you are considering a new installation, there are a few things we think you should know. Read on, or call our friendly team for more information.

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