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Know These Symptoms of a Plumbing Leak

checklist-with-red-markerWe’ve probably all seen the movies or the TV shows where someone discovers a leak when a rainstorm hits, or when they really need to get the home ready for a gathering. These scenes usually involve a bunch of buckets placed around the property to gather water aggressively dripping from the ceiling or whatnot.

The truth of the matter is, most leaks are actually a lot more subtle than this, and don’t come from rainstorms–they come from your plumbing system. You want to know about these leaks as soon as possible, so that you can have them repaired and limit the risk of damage to your property. And they hardly ever happen at a convenient time–at least Hollywood gets that part right. But, how do you know if you have a leak? Other than having water gushing out of a pipe underneath a sink or from your toilet (ew!), are there symptoms you can look for?

There sure are! Read on as we uncover some of the most common warning signs you can watch out for that will alert you to the presence of a leak.

Increased Water Bills

Have you discovered that lately, no matter how careful you are about water use in your home, the water bills seem to only be increasing? This most likely is not a conspiracy from your municipal water district, so what gives? Most likely, it’s the sign that there is a leak somewhere… so while you’re not using water, the system is still using it, so you’re paying for it.

Reduced Water Pressure

Have you noticed reduced water pressure in one or two faucets or appliances in your home? If so, you likely have an issue with those specific appliances. This still needs to be fixed, of course, thought it might not be as urgent as if you noticed reduced water pressure throughout your entire home, suddenly. This is a sign that something has happened with the main water line, and it must be remedied right away by a trained and experienced professional.

You Hear Mystery Running Water

Let’s say that nobody is taking a shower in your home. No faucets are running. No plumbing appliances are on at the time. And yet… you hear running water. This can, unfortunately, be coming from beneath your property in the form of a slab leak, or it could be behind your drywall. Oftentimes, this is actually the first sign that people have of a plumbing leak, but they may not even hear it or notice it until they’re right on top of it.

An Over-Active Water Meter

Let’s say you aren’t using your plumbing at all, but you maybe think you heard the water running. Go ahead and check your water meter. Note where it is, and then check it again in 15 minutes. If it’s moved, but you haven’t used your plumbing, it’s a definite sign of a leak and sign that you need to give our team a call.

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