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Here’s Why You Need a Pro for Your Heater Installation

technician-servicing-furnaceWe’re going to take a wild guess and say that if you’ve found yourself reading a blog post about heating installation in January, it likely means that you are pretty desperate to get some reliable heat in your home, ASAP! However, this really isn’t a service you want to rush. As important as it is to find the right heat for your home, you should also trust the team that is doing the job.

And no, you can’t just install your heater on your own.

Okay, well you probably could, but we can’t guarantee that you’d be able to do so as effectively or as efficiently as possible. Nor can we promise your safety, particularly in the case of a gas-powered heater.

Keep reading as we dive into the work that goes into a furnace installation. We’re sharing this with you not so you’ll try to install your heater by yourself, but so that you see why it is so important to hire a pro!

We Know How to Safely Remove the Old Heating System

This probably seems like a simple enough step for you to do on your own, right? The fact is, this can actually be the most laborious and the most tedious part of a furnace or heat pump installation. Even though you don’t have to worry about the new heater yet, the installers will have to remove the old system without knocking anything out of place or damaging the connections that will be required for your new system, whether that’s “just” ductwork or gas lines for a gas-powered furnace.

There is too much room for error to trust this part of the job to an amateur–you want to ensure that the professionals doing this understand the task at hand.

We Make the Connections

Do you know those connections we just mentioned? There are a lot of steps to take in order to make these connections. Once the new heating system is in place, and properly bolted to the floor, our professionals connect it to the essential components that it needs in order to operate. This includes the ductwork and gas lines we just mentioned. There is also electrical wiring to consider–even gas-powered heating systems have electrical connections–in fact, many use an electrical ignition switch instead of a standing pilot light.

Our HVAC installers will successfully connect your new heating system to its appropriate power source, and if this is a gas-powered system, we’ll check to make sure there isn’t any damage to the gas line that could become hazardous later on.

We Test the System’s Functionality

We wouldn’t be very good HVAC technicians if we simply just put in a new heater and didn’t make sure it properly worked. We’ll test it out, ensuring that it operates as it should and that it’s doing so as efficiently as possible.

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