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Now’s the Time: Schedule AC Maintenance Today!

two-technicians-working-on-outdoor-ac-unitHave you ever wondered when the right time to schedule professional air conditioning maintenance is? If you ask a qualified and experienced HVAC professional, they’ll likely tell you that the answer is in the early spring, before you actually need your cooling system the most.

This is a good recommendation! Of course, another question homeowners often ask our professionals is, “do I really even need air conditioning maintenance?” We get it–you could be wondering why you’d want to pay for a service on your air conditioner when the system is operating “just fine.”

The fact of the matter is, “just fine” isn’t always good enough. Your air conditioner, for example, might not be operating as efficiently as it otherwise could be. This means you’ll be paying too much to use the system, plus it can accumulate wear and tear at a faster rate than it otherwise would. Routine maintenance helps reduce repair needs, increase equipment lifespan, and improve efficiency. Read on to learn more!

How Maintenance Benefits You

Homeowners often don’t know much about air conditioning maintenance. Fortunately, that’s what we are here for! Maintenance tune-ups from our team are a service that enables our techs to thoroughly clean, adjust, and inspect the components that need it within your air conditioner (or heater!) As a result, your HVAC system will operate as it should, and do so in a cost-efficient way.

Reduces Repair Needs: Routine, professional air conditioning maintenance can help reduce your AC repair needs by as much as 85%! This is because it allows us to catch small, wear-and-tear issues before they even have the opportunity to grow into bigger and costlier emergencies.

For example, let’s talk about your motor bearings. These small and seemingly unimportant components are what allows the fans inside your air conditioner to operate without any friction. However, they have to be lubricated, which happens during maintenance. Without lubrication, friction will happen, the motor bearings will wear down, and then your fan or blower motor will overheat, which can shut the whole system down.

Improve Equipment Efficiency: Your air conditioner comes with a SEER rating upon manufacturing–that is, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. This SEER rating doesn’t change, however over the years your unit will start working less and less efficiently. For every year you skip professional AC maintenance, the system can actually lose 5% of its efficiency–but if you keep up on those tune-ups then your system should retain up to 95% of its SEER rating.

Help Your System Last Longer: The average air conditioner is designed to last about 10-15 years. Or rather, it’s designed to have a “useful service life” of that many years. This means it should run as efficiently and effectively as possible for 10-15 years.

This is only going to be the case, however, if you keep up with your annual maintenance sessions. Without maintenance, your system could potentially only last half that time before it starts accumulating huge repair needs and inefficiencies.

Established in 1912, Max Sr & Paul Schoenwalder Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, A Corp. is your trusted resource for reliable air conditioning maintenance in Union and beyond. Reach out to us today.

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