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Common but Preventable AC Repairs

ac-tools-repair-condenserWe know you’d like to think that your air conditioner is invincible. It would be nice to know that your cooling system will work when you need it most, but unfortunately, this is the time it’s most likely to fail. Your air conditioner may not be infallible, but it turns out that many of the repairs we see most often were entirely preventable.

Check out our list of some of the preventable repairs we make for air conditioners in the Scotch Plains, NJ area. And call our team for maintenance services ASAP!

Dirt on the Outside Coils

When we get a call from a homeowner about an air conditioner that just won’t cool the home as expected, it often turns out to be a somewhat simple fix for our experienced technicians. Sometimes, we find that the source of the problem is a dirty coil in the outdoor condenser unit.

When this coil is dirty, heat cannot release as usual, which can lead to a number of problems within your air conditioner, including reduced comfort and higher bills. You should be getting this outside coil cleaned each year for optimal performance, which a technician can do during an annual AC maintenance visit.

Frozen Evaporator (Indoor) Coils

The evaporator coil within your air conditioning system cools down as refrigerant within it absorbs heat. Heat removal is what allows the air to cool, so it’s important to have this coil in good condition at all times. Because it cools down the air, however, some people think it’s okay for it to freeze. But simply put, this will stop your air conditioner from doing its job.

A frozen evaporator coil will not be able to absorb heat effectively, meaning your air conditioner will not operate the way it should. Often, coils freeze because the air filter is dirty, reducing the amount of warm air blowing over the coil. Be sure to change your filter every 1-3 months!

Blower Fan Failure

The blower fan is what moves warm air over the indoor coils and cool air into the ducts and through your home. It’s an important component of your AC system, and one that can become overworked quite quickly. When we are called in to repair a blower fan, we often find that the issue was somewhat preventable.

For example, the blower fan’s belt may simply need replacement, or the fan motor may need lubrication. Caught earlier, the homeowner would not have to call in a technician for emergency AC repair, saving them a lot of hassle and time. Just another reason to get your routine maintenance completed this year!

Short Cycling

Short cycling is when an air conditioner runs in brief spurts, starting up far too frequently and shutting down shortly afterwards. This issue can actually be caused by a dirty filter or another problem within the air conditioner. However, sometimes it has to do with the initial installation of the AC system.

How can you possibly prevent problems caused by the installation of your AC system, something you did not do on your own? Easy: call in a specialist to do it right the first time around!

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