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Here’s Why A Tankless Water Heater Needs Maintenance

Btankless-water-heater-on-green-tile-wallack in May, we talked about the importance of maintenance for that one system in your home you probably take the most for granted and don’t think very much about–your water heater. What homeowners sometimes don’t realize, however, even after reading a blog post like that, is the same concept applies to tankless water heaters.

Homeowners sometimes assume that since tankless water heaters don’t actually hold water on a regular basis and therefore aren’t prone to the potential corrosion issues that tank water heaters are, they don’t need maintenance. However, there are other problems that can impact a tankless water heater, and maintenance helps ensure that those problems don’t cut down on the lifespan of your on-demand water heater. Read on to learn more!

All About Scaling and What It Means for a Tankless Water Heater

Scaling affects a tankless water heater in such a way that could lead to its early demise if you don’t have routine maintenance done for it. Hard water is what causes this issue. That is, water that has a high level of mineral deposits in it. These minerals are typically calcium and magnesium, and may include iron as well. While harmless for us to ingest, the particles left behind in your plumbing can lead to problems with the heat exchanger of the tankless water heater, and even corrosion.

This buildup of minerals is called scaling, and can have dire consequences for the heat exchanger component of your tankless water heater. As you probably realize, the heat exchanger is the component that actually heats up the water to begin with. You need it to be clean, so that your water can be efficiently heated. Scaling can prevent the burners from doing their job, and can eventually overwork a tankless water heater to the point of a breakdown.

How Often You Should Have Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Done?

For some tankless water heaters, annual maintenance is key to keeping the system running smoothly throughout its entire lifespan. For others, perhaps in areas that don’t suffer from hard water that much, maintenance can be done every few years.

A professional plumber from our team can help determine the level of hard water in your home. You may even be able to detect its presence on your own. If you notice a chalky white or yellow buildup around your faucets or drains, it’s very likely you have hard water, putting your tankless water heater at risk.

How Often Should You Upgrade Your Tankless Water Heater?

This is a great question! Maintenance will absolutely help your tankless water heater last long, but just like any other important home comfort system, it’s going to eventually wear down. Tankless water heater systems are generally longer-lasting than their tank water heater counterparts, giving you about 2 decades of useful, efficient, service life.

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