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Video Pipe Inspection Is a Great First Option


To most homeowners, plumbing is a little bit mysterious. Pipes are mostly concealed behind walls or under floors, or they’re in out-of-the-way locations. You probably don’t even know all the materials that the pipes are made of if you have an older home.

Even if you could see the outside of pipes, you certainly can’t see the inside of them. Are things working the way they should? If not, what is the problem? Where is the problem located? How could you possibly know? Video pipe inspection is an amazing modern plumbing innovation you should know about.

What Is Video Pipe Inspection?

You’ve probably seen a movie with good guys, such as police or secret agents, needing to see inside a place where bad guys are holding someone hostage or committing other crimes. Or perhaps it was the other way around, with criminals needing to see inside a bank or a casino to plot their heist.

How do they do this? With a tiny camera at the end of a long, narrow wire. It transmits a live video feed, so whoever is using it can see what’s going on in real time and determine exactly where everything is that they’re looking at. In the case of video pipe inspection, the people with the camera are plumbers, and their target isn’t criminals or cash, it’s a problem inside your plumbing.

When Should Video Pipe Inspection Be Done?

There are a wide variety of circumstances that may warrant video pipe inspection. 

  • Suspected Leaks: If you have rising water bills, mysterious stains, an increase in mold, water heater problems, reduced water pressure, or cracks in your foundation, you might have a leak somewhere in your plumbing. With video pipe inspection, that sneaky leak can be pinpointed and repaired before the problems get any worse.
  • Concerns about Materials: How old is your home? It’s entirely possible that there are piping materials in your home that should be replaced, either for your health (lead wasn’t fully banned until 1987) or to prevent breakage (Kitek pipes can spontaneously burst, and they were in use until 2007).
  • Concerns about Condition: If you have specific reasons to be concerned about the condition of your pipes, such as rusty discoloration or specks in your water, or if you simply don’t have any information about your home’s plumbing and want to know more, video pipe inspection in Union, NJ can give you answers.
  • Sewer Issues: Your sewer pipe takes everything from all the drains in your home and carries it to the municipal sewer line. If you notice slow drains, frequent or multiple clogged drains, unpleasant drain odors, or soggy, stinky, or extra-green patches in your yard, there could be a sewer pipe blockage or break that video pipe inspection can detect.
  • Buying or Selling: Thorough plumbing inspections should always be performed before buying a home. And because anyone who purchases your home is likely to want that, you should have it done in preparation for selling, so you can rectify any issues you find that could drive down the price you might get for the home.

Want to schedule an appointment or ask any questions you have about video pipe inspection? We’re ready to help.

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