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Top 5 Signs of a Clogged Sewer: Don’t Let Your Home’s Drainage Go Down the Drain

Imagine this: you flush the toilet, but instead of the usual whoosh, water starts bubbling up. Or perhaps you notice a persistent sewage smell coming from your drains. These are just a few signs that you might have a clogged sewer line. A clogged sewer is a serious plumbing issue that can lead to overflowing toilets, backed-up drains, and even raw sewage leaks. But how do you know for sure if your sewer is clogged, and what can you do about it?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top 5 signs of a clogged sewer and explain why calling for professional sewer cleaning service in Chatham is the best course of action.

The Trouble with Clogged Sewers

Your sewer line is the unsung hero of your plumbing system. It whisks away waste from your toilets, sinks, and showers, keeping your home sanitary and odor-free. But over time, grease, soap scum, debris, and even tree roots can accumulate in the sewer line, causing a clog. A clogged sewer can disrupt your entire plumbing system, leading to a number of unpleasant problems.

The Top 5 Signs of a Clogged Sewer

  1. Multiple Slow Drains: A slow drain here or there might be a minor clog in a specific fixture. But if you notice sluggish draining in multiple drains throughout your house, it’s a strong indicator of a clog in the main sewer line. This is because the main line carries wastewater from all your drains, so a clog there will affect them all.
  2. Gurgling Toilets and Drains: Strange gurgling sounds coming from your toilet or drains are another telltale sign of a sewer clog. These gurgling noises occur because trapped air and waste struggle to move through the blocked line.
  3. Sewage Backups: This is the plumbing nightmare scenario. If your sewer line is completely blocked, wastewater can’t drain properly and may start backing up into your drains, toilets, or even your basement floor drain. This is a serious health hazard, as sewage can contain harmful bacteria and viruses.
  4. Sewage Odors: A persistent sewage smell emanating from your drains is a sure sign of a clog. The clog traps waste and sewage gases, causing unpleasant odors to seep back into your home.
  5. Puddles in Your Yard: Sewage leaks from a clogged or damaged sewer line can cause your yard to develop unexplained puddles, even if it hasn’t rained recently. Lush green patches in specific areas of your yard can also be a sign of a leak, as the leaking sewage provides extra nutrients for the grass.

Why Call a Professional Sewer Cleaning Service?

While some minor drain clogs can be tackled with DIY methods like plungers or drain snakes, a clogged sewer line is a job best left to the professionals. Here’s why:

Professional sewer cleaners have the expertise and specialized equipment to diagnose the clog’s location and severity. They can use video inspection tools to see inside the sewer line and identify the exact cause of the clog.

Established in 1912, Max Sr & Paul Schoenwalder Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, A Corp. is your trusted resource for reliable sewer cleaning services. Reach out to us today. 

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