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Signs That You May Have a Plumbing Leak

plumber-working-on-sinkMaybe one of the most common household issues that homeowners face, no matter the time of year, are plumbing leaks. And if you do have a plumbing leak, it’s usually a much bigger problem than it looks like at first. We don’t say that to scare you, but the truth is that even the smallest pinhole leak, if it goes unnoticed for too long, can cause a lot of water and subsequent property damage.

Here’s the thing–plumbing leaks can and do go on for a long time before they’re noticeable. This is true whether it’s from a pipe underneath a sink (and then, behind cabinet doors) or a pipe running behind your drywall. The good news is, there are signs that you can keep a watchful eye and listening ear out for. Read on to learn what these signs are!

You Hear Water Running but Can’t Find the Source

Take a minute and listen–do you hear water running? Do you normally hear water running where it’s coming from at the moment? If you hear water running, but no plumbing fixtures or appliances are being used, it’s time to investigate further. Give us a call, as this can be the sign that you have a leak!

You Notice a Change in Water Pressure

When you use a water tap in your kitchen area or bathroom, you may notice that the water pressure is different than elsewhere in your home. This isn’t normal–it likely means that there is a leak in that particular pipe. That said, if you’re in a rental, it could also be that an additional component has been added to slow the flow of water, such as a “low flow” shower head.

If this isn’t the case though, and the water pressure change is new, it’s time to call our plumbers.

The Water Meter Is Running Without Water Running

Take some time to look at your water meter. Turn off all the plumbing appliances and fixtures in your home, then go check the water meter. After about 15 minutes, go check it again. if it moved, it means that water is leaving your home somehow, and it’s probably caused by a leak.

You Notice Water Stains

Strange-looking spots or stains on your home’s walls, ceilings, or even the floor can indicate that a leak has begun to take a toll on your property.

You Smell a Musty Or Moldy Odor

If you discover the distinct sour, earthy smell that can be created by mold or mildew growth, then it’s possible that you have a leak that is creating an environment that’s perfect for the growth of these fungi. Give us a call right away!

There Are Warm or Cool Spots on Your Floor

This can indicate the most insidious leak of them all–a slab leak. The problem with a slab leak is that it can do serious structural damage before you even discover it. We don’t say this to scare you, only to stress the importance of calling our professional right away if you notice this sign!

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