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Maintaining a Humidifier for Your Comfort and Health

If you have a whole-house humidifier, your winters are a whole lot more comfortable. Low humidity is a huge problem in the winter, when the dry air often leaves us with chapped lips, dry skin, and even an increased chance of the cold or flu.

Whole-house humidifiers make us a little happier and healthier at home, but only if they are properly maintained. Keep your humidifier in good shape to ensure that this winter is the most comfortable one yet.

Turn the Humidifier On

First, you should make sure the humidifier is activated. The air damper to the humidifier should be closed off for the summer so that you don’t have any added humidity in warm weather. During a maintenance visit, a technician would see to it that the humidifier is ready to go for the winter, but you may need to see to this yourself.

In addition, there may be additional steps necessary to turn on the humidifier and get the water flowing toward it. Locate your humidistat and know how to use it for optimal comfort. A technician can advise you if there is no chart or guide included with your model.

Change Pads

The pad to the humidifier must be changed every year. The pad has holes that clog up over time, and that means the moisture won’t be able to get through if you let it sit for too long—not to mention the bacteria that may build up.

To change the pad, you’ll have to take apart the frame by removing the trough on top. The new pad typically has a stripe painted across one edge, which always indicates the top of the pad.

Check the Drain

Finally, you’ll need to check the drain to be sure water is safely leaving the system. Turn on the furnace and the humidistat to make sure water comes out of the drain. With hard water, it commonly clogs up, so you’ll want to be sure this isn’t the case.

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