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Is Your Boiler Experiencing Problems?

pressure-gauge-on-boilerThe only way your boiler can be as efficient as you need it to be is if you properly care for it. This means having it professionally installed, repaired, and expertly maintained by experienced technicians who will help it perform at its best.

Another important factor to remember is that even with quality heating services from a company that has been around for over a century like ours, your boiler or any heating system can experience problems from time to time. Eventually, your boiler will wear down to the point that replacement will be imminent.

How Old Is Your Boiler?

Before looking at the signs that your boiler may be in distress, we encourage you to consider the system’s age. A well-maintained boiler system can last about 15 years, but even if yours hasn’t quite reached this age, it’s worth looking into upgrading the system—even in the last 5 years, boilers have become much more advanced and subsequently efficient.

If your boiler is over 15 years old, it’s more than likely going to start showing signs of distress soon, like the indicators we’ve listed below.

Foul Odors

Unpleasant or even unfamiliar smells should never be ignored. They could indicate a gas leak, which should be taken care of as soon as possible after you notice it. Even if it’s not a gas leak, foul smells can be the result of a problem with your ventilation system.


A leak is something that you should never ignore when it’s coming from your boiler. This can cause significant property damage, for starters. But it can also be the sign of something going wrong inside the system, leading to breakdown or at least boiler inefficiency.

Temperature Trouble

Is your water usually colder or hotter than what the temperature is supposed to be? Then you may very well have a problem with your boiler system. The water is probably not circulating as it should be, which means your boiler can’t consistently heat your home.

Higher Than Normal Utility Bills

It makes perfect sense that your energy bills will rise the more you use your boiler during the winter. However, if they are significantly higher than what they were at this same time last year, or even in comparison to what your neighbors are paying for similar use, then you likely have a system that isn’t performing as effectively or efficiently as it once did.

Frequent Repair Needs

The problems we mentioned above might all be easily resolvable. But if you find yourself frequently calling for repair services, it may be time to replace and upgrade your boiler altogether. A new boiler can seem like a large investment, but when you consider the mounting costs of repairs, it hardly seems worth it to keep on keeping on with an old, degrading boiler.

Generally speaking, if your next repair need is going to cost half of what a new boiler system would, it’s likely going to be more cost-effective to replace it than it would be to repair it.

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