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DIY Fireplace Repairs: A Major Safety Concern


A gas fireplace is the best of both worlds. It gives your home the ambience and cozy feeling of a fireplace without the mess and complication of burning wood. But it is a high-tech heating appliance, so at times, things can go wrong that require repair. Can you repair your gas fireplace yourself? No! Trying to DIY a repair on a natural gas-burning appliance is dangerous. Here’s what you should know.

Gas-Specific Risks

When a homeowner tries to repair anything that burns natural gas, there are two main categories of risk: the gas itself, and carbon monoxide.

  • Natural Gas Leaks: If a gas line, connection, ignition system, or burner is accidentally damaged during the course of DIY repair, a gas leak can occur. It may be sudden and obvious, in which case you’ll know you have an emergency on your hands, or it may be a slow and sneaky leak. Either way, this risks explosion, fire, or at the very least an emergency visit from your gas company.
  • Carbon Monoxide: If a homeowner or amateur repair person causes a problem with a component such as the pilot or burner, it could result in incomplete combustion of the natural gas. This allows carbon monoxide to be released. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include everything from nausea and dizziness to hallucinations and death. Don’t risk it!

Legal Ramifications

In most places, there are regulations that restrict who can work on gas lines and gas-burning appliances. Without the proper licensing, you would be in violation of the law. This means that if anything does go wrong, you’ll be entirely liable, and your homeowner’s insurance will likely not cover the cost of any damages.


DIY repairs are often seen as a cost-saving measure. But consider this. If you attempt to fix your fireplace, spending money on tools or components in the process, you’re likely to end up needing to have a professional repair it anyway. And it’s entirely possible that your attempts at repair will cause more problems, leading to a more extensive—and more expensive—repair when you do get qualified help.


Researching gas fireplaces, watching DIY videos, guessing at what might be wrong, taking multiple trips to the hardware store, and fiddling around with various components will take a lot of time. A qualified technician won’t have to go through that process. With their training and experience, they can easily identify and repair gas fireplace problems. 

When to Seek Professional Repairs

You should have your fireplace repaired if the pilot won’t stay lit, if it makes noise such as rumbling or hissing, if soot is building up, if you smell anything odd, or if it’s simply not performing the way it used to. And remember, instead of typing DIY into your search engine, try gas fireplace repair near me in Union, NJ instead. A member of our team would be happy to help resolve your problem.

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