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6 Signs You Need Boiler Service


A boiler is a truly amazing system for heating your home. Boilers are extremely reliable, have longer lifespans than most other options like gas or electric furnaces, and have fewer mechanical components. Without as many moving parts, there aren’t as many ways that things can go wrong. But that doesn’t mean that your boiler will function perfectly forever. Even a fantastic heating system like a boiler occasionally encounters problems. Here’s how to tell that you need boiler service.

1: Noises

One of the lovely things about a boiler is that it doesn’t typically make much noise at all. But if it does, don’t ignore it. Loose valves or the circulator pump shaking could cause banging, hissing, or screeching sounds. And if there’s a noise like the world’s largest pot of furiously boiling water, that’s called kettling, and it indicates that sediment has been building up inside the boiler.

2: Smells

An odor like burning plastic or scorched metal can be caused if electrical components start to overheat or burn out. Yes, even gas boilers do have some electrical wiring. And if you smell rotten eggs, that’s the biggest warning sign there is. While natural gas is odorless, a strong-smelling chemical called mercaptan is added so that consumers will be able to recognize when there is a leak. Turn off the boiler and call the gas company immediately. 

3: Pilot Problems

A gas flame should always burn blue, and your boiler’s pilot should not struggle to stay lit. If you’re having trouble getting the pilot to work reliably or the flame is green, yellow, or orange, this is a high-risk problem. The fuel may not be combusting completely, which can lead to carbon monoxide being released into your home. You need boiler service in Union, NJ immediately.

4: Leaks

The boiler’s water is within a system that was designed as a closed loop. No water should be escaping. If you find puddles below your boiler or anywhere throughout the system, there’s a big problem. The leak needs to be found and sealed, and the water needs to be refilled.

5: Ineffective Heat

A boiler that takes a long time to bring your home to your desired temperature or cannot manage to get the whole home to an even temperature may have a problem with the circulator pump. The water in the system may be nice and hot, but if it’s not circulating well, the heat won’t be able to radiate throughout your whole home. 

6: Inefficient Operation

Finally, if there’s been a spike in your energy consumption, something could be causing the boiler to operate inefficiently. Don’t resign yourself to paying more than you should for your heat. A professional can find the cause of the problem and bring your bills back down to normal. Don’t forget, prompt repairs can prevent problems from worsening and extend the lifespan of your boiler. 

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